Okay, my first real post! How exciting. I’m still not happy with the layout, but I’m going to settle for this for now.

Today was very, very, very lazy! I woke up around 10 with the worst stomach ache, the nurofen tablets weren’t too sympathetic and took hours to get rid of it! So I re-read my favourite bits of Eclipse (I’m gradually learning to love Jacob more and more..) and watched Twilight and Harry Potter. I’m a big fan of magical things. When I finally felt a little better I decided I deserved some ice cream and dug into the B+J Cookie Dough. Yum, not my favourite flavour but it’s the only one they had. Phish food is obviously on high demand around here!

Someone should knit me a wooly jumper..

Ah, I’m so jealous of how beautiful she is. To think how much she has changed since the Philosopher Stone days..

Overall today has been a boring day. I haven’t communicated with anyone except my cat as my mum has been at work all day (and you of course!). Oh, great. I am already a cat lady at aged 17.. Tell me of the exciting adventures of your day and make me jealous! X

P.S. To put pics in your post do you just copy and paste them from the website they’re from? Cause I couldn’t find how to upload them from my documents on here.. Ah I’m rubbish at this!! Xx